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Citrus Park Hotel

“No matter what kind of sneakers you wear! It is more important - where have you been wearing them ”. This motto of travelers unites energetic, cheerful people and adventure lovers. Their life is full of impressive discoveries, vivid acquaintances and enchanting impressions.

Citrus Park Hotel knows that a real tourist will not choose to lie by the pool with a cocktail, but instead he will visit hundreds of places that'll fill his soul with new colors and memories. They make his heart beat faster and feel truly alive.

Therefore, our hotel is in the heart of adventure. You can easily reach ancient cities, refreshing waterfalls, beaches for all tastes and vibrant restaurants. Citrus Park Hotel is an island of tranquility in Antalya that embraces the sea and the rhythm of the city. Here you can relax before a big trip, prepare yourself for an important meeting and spend time with your loved ones. 

You just have to choose a room.


Antalya Oceanarium

The whole underwater world is in front of your eyes! Forty aquariums with different marine inhabitants, a 131 meter long tunnel and tens of thousands of inhabitants.

He tunnel is divided into three parts: in the first one you will get acquainted with the life of tropical reefs and underwater caves, in the second one - with a copy of the legendary Atlantic, with a pirate ship and treasures. In the third part, you will find a sunken submarine that has become home to hundreds of fish.

Here you can also see the sea kings - sharks. You can even feed them at a certain time.

Here you can also visit:

• a snowy world with slides and ice statues;

• 3D cinema that will introduce you to the world of the deep sea;

• a wildlife park with incredible animals from all over the world.

After a sea of ​​such impressions, you should have a snack! There is a cafe on the upper and lower floors. And also a shop with souvenirs of the sea world.

By the way, it takes only fourteen minutes walk from us to the aquarium – one more pleasant reason to visit this exciting place.


Ferris wheel "Heart of Antalya"

Do you want to feel the rhythm of Antalya? Or maybe feel the speed of life of this city, consider its flavor? So head to Aktur Park on the Ferris wheel. The second largest in Europe, it reaches the height of a 30-storey building.

You can choose a regular booth or a vip option. In front of your eyes, the city will turn into a miniature, similar to the Lego loved by children. There, small cars and buses rush along their route, tiny people run on business, and only the calm, pacified sea remains unchanged in a wide expanse.

In 18 minutes you can see different districts of Antalya, find a shopping center and even a labyrinth. The city, to which planes fly and millions of people come from all over the world, will be in the palm of your hand. Try to find Citrus Park Hotel on this map. A small tip: it is surrounded by about 20 beaches and more than 25 restaurants and cafes.

Culture and Entertainment Park. You can visit the Aktur entertainment park, which is located not far from our hotel. Don't forget to ride the ''Heart of Antalya'' Ferris Wheel for city views.


Old Town (Kaleiçi) and Marina

There is one of the most attractive areas for tourists. There are no less of them here than on Red Square. And this is not surprising, because this place is the most desired treasure for the ancient conquerors. Pleasant climatic conditions, the proximity of the bay and trade routes make ideal conditions for building a state and for people to live.

The townspeople come here to be filled with the spirit of history and to walk to the places where the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans once lived. And also to see the defensive fortress, which was built back in 133 BC.

It's a real crime to come here and not take a photo. After all, this place is literally a museum under the sky. In Kaleichi you will find:

Old port

Clock tower

Hadrian's gate

Hidirlik tower

Yivli and Kesik minarets

Mosques of Iskele and Murat Pasha.

Thin streets, aromas of flowers and fresh coffee, colorful ships in the port create an indescribable atmosphere that can not be found anywhere else. Thirteen minutes by car will take you to a place that preserves a centuries-old history and lives a stormy life.